Wednesday, November 16, 2005

To all my readers, I will no longer be posting any new posts to this site, as I have got my own spot now at (Quick quick go check it out!!) :D

I just paid for 2-months of hosting first, and got the domain name thrown in for less than 2USD with any purchase of their hosting packages. So, my total investment for my new site, is LESS THAN USD10! Beat that!

I then needed a tool to be able to export all my existing posts here in blogspot to my new site and came across the plugin below... Im sure many of you would have tried it before, or perhaps our resident tech guru LCF may have even blogged about it previously.

Anyway, I just want to say that i had a seamless and trouble-free setup of my new site right from the beginning when I purchased it right up to exporting my old posts. All in all, from start to finish - took me less than 24 hours to see what you see now at my new site. Now i just need to start to personalise it towards my taste.

Exporting your blogger posts
For importing Blogger posts to Wordpress, I first downloaded Skeltoac's wordpress plugin at

For a graphical step-by-step guide (really REALLY helps too!), check out Catsutorials post at

So.. for all those who got used to typing, start getting used to ;)

Now.. how do i throw an online house warming party? Any suggestions? Heh heh.

Yours truly,